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Sweet Notes

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-not of the usual or regular kind
-exceeding the common degree; remarkable, wonderful
That is what you are Lina
Girl you rocked! You made this wedding possible. We can never thank you enough for all your hard work and effort in making this day so amazing and memorable. Not only are my guests talking about our wedding they are talking about you! They were astonished on how quickly you got things done. You were in one place and within seconds at another. You truly have a talent! Keep up the good work and thanks for making us shine that day.

Noemi and Alex
LA River Center and Garden, Los Angeles

In short, Lina Wallace is awesome. I am a cynic when it comes to almost everything, and I am extremely busy, but I have to take time to let everyone know how professional and effective she was. We used the 'unlimited access' service from her - and I don't know how to convince this reader that is was worth every penny and more.

I'll admit I am a do it yourselfer and a tightwad, and I normally would plan my own stuff, but for this, we were time constrained, and just ask her, we brought her so many a scheduling and worry issues, even to the last minute. But after getting to know her and her ability to problem solve, I felt so much safer that the event would be pulled off without a hitch. Poor thing she had to mediate and solve all the problems, and she was so professional, and adept at handling any little snag, and dealt with various personality problems, vendors, clergy, everybody amazingly.

We got so many kudos even from guests ON THE WEDDING PLANNER!!!?!!! and how great she and her staff were! During the planning any trivial question texted or emailed to her had a response within an hour or two. Always returned calls within MINUTES. Always smiling. Don't know how she does it. You can be as involved in detail or not involved at all and pretty much let her suggest everything. We both liked her taste. She made everything so easy for us, kept us informed, and made us feel in complete control the whole time. A true professional, I am sure she can easily handle true divas and high profile people. (No offense to anyone)

Thanks Lina for making our day as perfect as it was!!! I know my wife feels the same....(and BTW I was against the idea of a wedding planner and gave my wife grief at first about it....I already apologized.)

Marco Diaz
Serra Retreat, Malibu

Lina was absolutely amazing every step of the way to help us plan a phenomenal wedding. She is incredibly patient and understanding and although I'm sure we overloaded her with emails and pleas for help, she never missed a beat, stayed very organized, and was ready to help in every way. She is very familiar with numerous wedding vendors in the LA area and helped us pick the best of the best, ranging from a bakery in Long Beach to a caterer in North Hollywood. She even had contacts for us to arrange an ice-bar!

My husband and I work long hours and she was very flexible with us and accommodating our late night and weekend meetings. While Lina's capabilities and contacts are 2 of her top strengths, I believe it is her personality that really wins you over! And when you are under that much stress, you really need someone on your side that can stay cool, calm, and collected----that's LINA! =)

I would recommend her over and over again!

Caitlin Kiarie
Rancho Sol Del Pacifico, Malibu

There are not enough little red stars or a high enough ranking for Lina !!! She is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic !!! I am positive that Lina is the only reason I actually had a wedding at all, let alone, the wedding of my dreams. In short, GRAB LINA AND BOOK HER AS SOON AS YOU CAN !!! SHE'S FABULOUS !!!

I'm an extremely busy corporate lawyer working insane hours, and my now husband is in finance -- also working a ton of hours. Therefore, Lina made herself available to meet with us late in the evening at the location most convenient for us (usually our home) -- even though it was hugely out of the way for her. Unfortunately for Lina, despite our total lack of time, we (and I mean we -- my husband too) wanted to make every single decision ourselves. To make matters worse, I am extremely detail-oriented, a total perfectionist, and I generally have to check out ALL the choices before making my decision. Plus the fact that my husband and I came from two very different cultures, had to have the entire event be kosher (plates, silverware, etc.,) and wanted the wedding in my parents' garden and the reception at a country club nearby. Oh, and we were expecting 350 guests. We only had ten months to do it in, and I think we ended up blowing every deadline Lina gave us by months (literally) and then, of course, had a number of calamities occur the week before. In short, I don't know how Lina put up with us... and with a smile and a hug, to boot.

Lina was absolutely unshakable. She handled every challenge (of which there were many) impeccably, solved every problem, was so professional and warm and friendly despite it all -- I really don't know how she did it. I deal with "challenging" clients all the time, but Lina's degree of professionalism was truly impressive.

Most importantly, OUR WEDDING (May 29, 2011) ENDED UP BEING MAGNIFICENT. Everything was gorgeous - the flowers, the table settings, the programs, all perfectly arranged, all just coming together perfectly. The whole afternoon/evening literally went off without a hitch from beginning to end (which was miraculous considering) -- and Lina was the single, biggest reason why. She and her team somehow shepherded all 350 guests -- many of whom were from different cultures and didn't even speak fluent English! -- from area to area both at my parents' gardens and the country club, and they did it gracefully and politely all the while. The caterer, the florist, the band, the videographer, the photographers, the wedding party, the family, the "extended" family, the country club, the wait staff at my parents' home, the party rental people -- I don't know how, but she managed all of them.

Whether you want her help with everything (highly recommend), or just at the final stages, I really can't recommend her enough. She found us our florist (also spectacular) and our photographer too (who turned out wonderfully), so her recommendations were also excellent. I interviewed five other wedding planners (all of whom had excellent reviews) but LINA really is THE BEST, and is worth a million times whatever she charges.


Julie Gerchik
Riviera Country Club

We were married on July 30, 2011 and I was dead-set on doing everything myself. THANK GOD, I decided to bring in Lina who ultimately made sure everything was perfect in the end. Lina allowed me to still feel "in charge" of everything, yet eliminated my nighttime panic attacks about all the little details. She was my right hand woman throughout the whole planning process and was a life saver when it came to coordinating all the vendors in advance and on the day of.

On the actual wedding day, Lina and her team of helpers were incredible. Everything flowed smoothly and I felt like I could relax and just enjoy the wedding rather than worry about tracking all the background activities that were supposed to be happening at any given second. Her super detailed schedule made sure that everyone knew well in advance, where to be and when, which provided additional comfort to the wedding party!

Above all, Lina is extremely professional and extremely good at what she does. I felt like I made a new friend during the planning process! I'll miss corresponding with her on a nearly daily basis, but look forward to an excuse to use her and her team again in the future!!

Jen Keith
Thompson Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA

We had the pleasure of working a wedding with Lina and her girls and it was awesome! A lot of times we shoot weddings and the coordinator isn't available, isn't present and can't help out. She was on top of every last detail down to bustling the bride's dress! The reception was absolutely gorgeous and it was a flawless day!

Jagger Photography

Dear Lina,
Thank you so much for keeping our big day running so smoothly and my nerves calm. Because of you, I was able to fully enjoy every moment of the wedding from preparation to the trip back to the hotel. Our wedding was that of a fairytale. I doubt that it could have run more perfectly. Please feel free to give out my number to use as a reference.

Deepest thanks,
Trisha and Gerald Nester

Dear Lina,
The words "thank you" can't begin to convey my sincere gratitude for all that you did to make our wedding day so special and memorable. Your keen attention to detail, creative touch, vast knowledge and extreme professionalism made the entire process from day one go so smoothly. There is absolutely no way we could have done it without you - especially on the wedding day! You thought of EVERYTHING, including all the details for the day after! We will be forever grateful. Please know that we would welcome every opportunity to be a reference for you!

Mrs R. Blair
The Waterfront Hilton, Huntington Beach

Hi Lina,
It was so nice to meet you yesterday at Ruta's wedding. You did a great job coordinating everything- it was all so beautiful! You are very sweet, I can see why Ruta wanted you to be her coordinator. You have a tough job and do it so well! Thanks for being so helpful and answering my questions about the timeline, etc. and taking care of us! ?

Thanks again,
Sloan Gallipo Photography

You are so sweet Lina! We could NOT have done it without YOU!!!!! It's amazing how smoothly everything went that day, and please know that we know that you had a TON to do with it. : ) We had the most amazing weekend celebrating with family and friends. I wish we could do it all again. Also, thank you so much for getting everything to our house Saturday. What a huge help.
I hope to hear from you soon.


I had a blast at our wedding. It was so much more than what I anticipated. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us and I hope you receive lots more business recommendations through Tony and I.

Much Thanks,
Nancy & Greg Glover
Enchanted Sea Cottage, Malibu

I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed the wedding, thanks to you!
I would highly recommend anyone use you as you are as anal if not more than Brienne and really handle questions well. I know Brienne had the wedding she always wanted and so did I in that I didn't need to worry about anything. I will also say for your future clients that both the photographer that Brienne used and the caterers were great. We heard about the great food from many of our friends. I was personally floored by the photographers having a sampling of the photos from the shoot in the afternoon at the cocktail hour.

Thank you for making Brienne's memorable day, truly memorable and hassle free for us. All Frank and I did was show up and then ask you if we had any questions.

Susan and Frank Nakagawa (Parents of the bride)
Castle Green, Pasadena

If you want your wedding to be as carefree and perfect as humanly possible, its simple hire Lina and her staff at A Stunning Affair. Ill be honest. I am a very detail-oriented woman that works constantly on deadlines and being more efficient. In short, I'm a wedding planners nightmare. I had met with or spoken to several wedding planners as soon as I became engaged. What stood out about Lina before I even met her was her quick response, friendliness and professionalism. When she met me in a person just a few days after I first contacted her, I knew it right away, this was the woman that could make my dream wedding come true. The worst part for her was, there were only a few things I was actually sure that I wanted. Lina helped me figure out every little detail. And really, most of the details I didn't even need to worry about because she took care of them. She always really listened to my ideas and suggestions, but gave awesome suggestions and ideas from her years of professional experience. She even gracefully and quickly responded to my random freak out emails at 3am.

She was always one step ahead of me. Which honestly, I've never met a person that could even keep up with me, much less already have thought about and taken care of any concern I might have had. I am one of the few brides that could spend that last few weeks before her wedding relaxing and focusing on my upcoming marriage with excitement not worry or concern. The day itself was the most impressive. Lina's team was absolutely exceptional, they were ready for anything! All the while making sure that their #1 priority was that my husband, myself and my family were happy and carefree. Honestly all any of us had to do was show up, any question we had, Lina and her team were on it. I'm SO honored and lucky to have had Lina and A Stunning Affair help me plan my wedding. I can honestly say it was PERFECT- and for me to say that, it really was!

Thank You Lina!!!
Brienne & Juan

Lina and her team from A Stunning Affair, did a fantastic job of keeping things moving smoothly, creating a beautiful event, and making sure there was no stress to be found. Lina was the epitome of what couples hire coordinators for!

Steve D. Photography

Dear Lina,
We cant thank you enough for everything that you did to make our wedding the most spectacular night of our lives. Absolutely everything exceeded our expectations. You were so calm and organized and you made the whole night come together seamlessly. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Yours Truly,
Kelley and Dan

I had the pleasure of working with Lina and her staff at A Stunning Affair. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to hire a wedding planner/coordinator because I thought I could handle it on my own. I am so glad that I called Lina. During the initial consultation, she gave me many ideas and really got me excited about the big day even though it was over a year away. Lina is very detailed oriented like myself so she made sure that everything was perfect. She is very quick to respond to questions and concerns through phone calls and emails and made me feel at ease about everything. I felt no stress the day of the wedding because I trusted her to take care of everything. I knew that all of the details would be exactly as we had discussed during our meetings and they were. While looking at pictures of the wedding, I was able to see all of her hard work and dedication to our event. The pictures came out beautiful because of all of her great ideas that I never would have thought of on my own. I received many compliments from my guests on the decorations and flowers. They took everything home with them including the escort cards, table numbers, and menus. I had my dream wedding come true and I could not have done it without Lina and her staff.

Leslie Suzawa Lynch

Hi Lina,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You were perfect. Everything went so well and looked amazing. It was such a special day for us, and you were a huge part of that. I can't even tell you how many compliments we got on the event, as well as our day of coordinator.

I can't believe how composed and on top of it you were, even though you got in a car accident that morning! I hope everything is okay with that, and that you and your car are ok.

We were so happy that we were able to work with you, and we appreciate your hard work, your patience and your sense of humor and composure. It was truly a sincere pleasure both getting to know you and having you work with us.

Mia & Andy
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles

You've done an amazing job with my event and Im truly, truly grateful!

Monique Matlock
The Knot Wedding Magazine

Dear Lina,
What can I say? A million thanks for all your help, patience and kindness and everything you did to make our wedding even more perfect and beautiful than we could've imagined!! I am so grateful and happy that I stumbled upon your website! You helped me get through all the crazy wedding planning and house hunting stress with your positive energy and wonderful attitude about everything! It truly was an honor to work with you! I hope we keep in touch.
Again, thank you so much Lina, my wedding was absolutely perfect, beautiful and fun all the things I wanted that first time we met at Starbucks. I just really cant wait for the pictures and video so all the details wont seem like such a blur. You are amazing and were totally meant for this type of work!

Carol & George
Porter Valley Country Club, Northridge